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Date: November 2019

9 new tracks including songs and tunes.

Track List...

  1. Cutting Bracken/Islay Rant
  2. Galway Girl
  3. Wig Watching
  4. If I Could be There/The Banshee
  5. Rainbow Lament
  6. The Hiring Fair/The Doolin Reel/Richard Dwyer’s Reel
  7. Neil Gow’s Lament for the Death of his Second Wife
  8. Claude’s Café/Lady Charlotte Campbell
  9. Midnight Air

The Flip Side
The Flip Side
The Flip Side
Date: May 2003

10 tracks featuring the 6 piece line up. MP3 downloads are avaialble from www.arkade.com/togmor (click from the links page)

Track List...

  1. The Flip Side
  2. Sway
  3. Westbury Skank
  4. Jo/Smile At The Sun
  5. Maycart March
  6. £10 Float
  7. Diamond
  8. Boys Of Summer
  9. Bows Of London
  10. The Road

Togmor Live!
Togmor Live!
Togmor Live!
Date: 2001

Compilation CD of live recordings including the 4 tracks from the Shadowdance EP and 4 further tracks recorded live at the Togfest '99 music festival in Milton Keynes. This compilation includes 2 previously un-released recordings featuring special guest vocalist Vikki Clayton.

Track List...

  1. Shadowdance
  2. Put out the Lights
  3. Cold Rusky
  4. Ramblin' Sailor
  5. Crazy Man Micheal
  6. Matty Groves
  7. A minor Jigs
  8. The Worst Day '96

  1. Extract from the Shdowdance
Date: 2000

EP CD recorded live in rehearsals at Salford village hall, Bedfordshire. Engineered and Produced by Steve Askew and Togmor. 4 tracks of original and traditional material and includes a Togmor version of 'Put out the Lights' written by Prosser/Telfer of the Oysterband.

Track List...

  1. Shadowdance - written and arranged by Togmor
  2. Put Out The Lights - written by Alan Prosser, arranged by Togmor
  3. Cold Rusky - written and arranged by Togmor
  4. Ramblin' Sailor - traditional, arranged by Togmor

The Big Lift
The Big Lift
The Big Lift
Date: 1997

The first CD release from the band. Studio album recorded in the winter 1996 and spring of 1997 at Abbey Way studio in Milton Keynes. Engineered and produced by Steve Askew and Togmor. 12 tracks of original and traditional material featuring guest vocals from Heather Harpur. Cover design by Heather Harpur.

Track List...

  1. Baby it's a crime/Jazzy Maggie
  2. Time moves on
  3. Bulgarian Drinking song
  4. Trembles
  5. The Fisherman
  6. Ceasefire
  7. MK Busker Song
  8. Dance in the middle
  9. I want her back
  10. Rite of man (in the cellar)
  11. Dicing in Arkensaw/Arkensaw traveller/Gamblingay

The Pinch
The Pinch
The Pinch
Date: 1994

Original album released in 1994 on cassette only, this material has now been re-mastered and released on CD. Captures a taste of the 1994 line up of Ian Rowe, Julian Williams, Alick Lickorish, Jonathan Ginn and Martin Wright.

Track List...

  1. Rolling Wave
  2. Bonnie Kate Set
  3. Bitter End
  4. Bear Dance/Sleep Gently
  5. Wednesden Field
  6. Slip Jigs
  7. The Pinch
  8. Free Miners
  9. Horses Brasle
  10. Wellington's Advance

Six Again
Six Again
Six Again
Date: 1992

Cassette only album. Gavin Bunker, Johnny Ginn, Alick Lickorish, Ian Rowe, Julian Williams

Track List...

  1. The Last Ferry (Williams)
  2. Hole In The Hedge / Woodlands Bump (Lickorish)
  3. The Last Wren (Lickorish)
  4. The Butterfly (trad.)
  5. Black Mountain (Rowe)
  6. Take the Shilling (Lickorish)
  7. Red Haired Cleannerlady (Williams)
  8. The Worst Day - inspired by P. Sibley (Lickorish)
  9. Wellington's Advance / Jump At The Sun (trad. / Kirkpatrick)

  1. Jump At The Sun
Jigs & Pieces
Jigs & Pieces
Jigs & Pieces
Date: 1991

Cassette only album. Alick Lickorish, Gavin Bunker, Ian Rowe, Johnny Ginn, John Gibbons, Julian Williams

Track List...

  1. The Landlord (Gibbons / Ginn : Arr Togmor)
  2. The three minors (trad. : Arr Togmor)
  3. The Hiring Fair (McTell)
  4. Hens March / Four poster bed (trad. : Arr Togmor)
  5. Hard Times of Old England (trad. : Arr Togmor)
  6. Rosemary's Sister (Williams)

  1. Hiring Fair