Pete Lockwood

  • Position: Drums, Percussion, Flute and Vocals

Pete Lockwood first played drums in the inappropriately named Kus Mijn Kloten whilst at school with future Scratch and Asha guitarist Peter Lubbock. With that band’s unfortunate demise he then formed Bletchley’s first prog rock band Avalon who narrowly avoided any kind of deal, but did get to play Friars famous rock club in Aylesbury... twice! The next band, Scratch, with his brother Dave, once again avoided getting signed but they did become backing band for Aylesbury’s one hit wonder John Otway on his ‘Cor baby that’s really free’ tour of 77.

After such heady heights Pete played with a succession of MK bands from Zeus, Spud and the Fabs to an early incarnation of the Peartree bridge family called Bastard Squad before joining Martial Law, who much to their surprise won 1982’s Battle of the Bands. He also drummed for MK pop covers outfit Unit six, before finally moving on to other musical adventures.

Pete was a founder member of both The Blues Collective and the short-lived but much loved Eddie and Badger’s Soul Band, where he played sax !!! and led the horn sections. He also dabbles with folk and ceilidh music and can often be found lurking behind keyboards with Stony Stratford’s Cock and Bull Band.

In more recent times he drummed with Manchester and Sheffield based Anglo-French fusion band Jabadaw. He has always wanted to drum for Togmor and has finally had his wish fulfilled. Since joining Togmor as drummer he has added backing vocals and flute to add to the band's palette of sounds.In 2019 he released a solo CD and is one the latest Togmor CD.

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