This site was created by Sitecrew Limited. All Sitecrew websites are currently developed using Firefox 3 on W1ndows XP at a screen resolution of 1024x768. They are also tested to display correctly in a range other popular resolutions and computers/browsers.

Using This Web Site

This website is divided into a number of pages. You can select individual pages by clicking on the buttons or links at the left of the page.


Sitecrew are fully committed to ensuring that all their websites are as accessible as possible to people with visual or physical impairments. All our sites use 'relative font-sizing' which means that users can scale text up and down in size using whatever mechanism their browser provides for this function. Most Web browsers include functionality to let you increase or decrease the text size by holding down the [Ctrl] key and turning the mouse thumbwheel. Our sites usually contain Text Size links within the navigation system. Clicking on one of these resizes the text and the site will 'remember' your setting when you next visit.

Sitecrew sites also follow the UK Government convention for access keys. Access keys let you navigate to certain pages or areas within a page by pressing the key - often in combination with another key. Standard keys used on Sitecrew sites include...

  • 0 go to Access Keys documentation page
  • 1 go to the site's home page
  • 2 go to the site's news page ( if installed )
  • 3 go to the sitemap page ( if installed )
  • 4 go to the site's search page ( if installed )
  • 5 go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ( if installed )
  • 6 go to the Help ( if installed )
  • 7 go to the Complaints Procedure ( if installed )
  • 8 go to the Terms and Conditions ( if installed )
  • 9 go to the Feedback Form ( if installed ) or Contacts page
  • S skip to the main content of the current page (for non-visual browsers)

You may find more information on your particular browser's accessibility features via it's own website, for example at Microsoft or Firefox/Mozilla

If you are having difficulty accessing this site it may be because your browser is out of date and therefore not standards-compliant. Here is a list of links to the relevant download sites for a number of standards-compliant browsers for your system, all of which were free at the time this page was compiled: Internet Explorer ~ Mozilla Firefox ~ Google Chrome ~ Opera

Complaints or Suggestions

If you have a complaint or a suggestion related to this site's accessibility, please contact Sitecrew via